Historiographia Linguistica 37:1/2
2010. vi, 293pp.
Publishing status: In production
Expected: May 2010

Table of contents

Articles / Aufsätze
Justus Georgius Schottelius (1612–1676) and European Linguistic Thought
Nicola McLelland

Imaginative Science: The interactions of Henry Sweet’s linguistic thought and E. B. Tylor’s anthropology
Mark Atherton

Ernest Renan (1823–1892): From Linguistics and Psychology to Racial Ideology (1840s to 1860s)
Joan Leopold

Saussure’s Notes of 1881–1885 on Inner Speech, Linguistic Signs and Language Change
John E. Joseph

Review articles / Rapport critiques / Forschungsberichte

Towards a History of Chinese Lexicography
John Considine

Toward a History of Missionary Work by German-Speaking Jesuits in 17th and 18th Century Latin America
Otto Zwartjes

Two Notions of ‘research program’ and the Historiography of Generative Linguistics
András Kertész

Reviews / Comptes rendus / Besprechungen

Between Grammar and Rhetoric: Dionysius of Halicarnassus on Language, Linguistics and Literature. By Casper de Jonge
Reviewed by Anneli Luhtala

Geschichte der Grammatiktheorie: Von Dionysios Thrax bis Noam Chomsky. By Oliver Jungen and Horst Lohnstein
Reviewed by Andreas Schmidhauser

Sibawayhi on ’imala (Inclination): Text, translation, notes and analysis. By Solomon I. Sara
Reviewed by Aryeh Levin

Dictionaries in Early Modern Europe: Lexicography and the making of heritage. By John Considine
Reviewed by William J. Jones

Grammars, Grammarians and Grammar-Writing in Eighteenth-Century England. Edited by Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade
Reviewed by Susan M. Fitzmaurice

The Madras School of Orientalism: Producing knowledge in colonial South India. Edited by Thomas R. Trautmann
Reviewed by R.E. Asher

Geschichte der Sprachtheorie: Sprachtheorien der Neuzeit III/2. Sprachbeschreibung und Sprachunterricht Teil 2. Herausgegeben von Peter Schmitter, posthum herausgegeben, bearbeitet und mit einem Register versehen von Lefteris Roussos
Rezensiert von Friederike Spitzl-Dupic

Missionary Linguistics / Lingüística misionera IV: Lexicography. Selected Papers from the Fifth International Conference on Missionary Linguistics, Mérida, Yucatán, 14–17 March 2007. Edited by Otto Zwartjes, Ramón Arzápalo Marín and Thomas C. Smith-Stark
Reviewed by Marcus Tomalin

Short reviews / Notes critiques / Kurzrezensionen

Literary and Philosophical Rhetoric in the Greek, Roman, Syriac, and Arabic Worlds. Ed. by Frédérique Woerther
Reviewed by Thomas M. Conley

Les Grammariens Lascifs: La grammaire à la fin de l’Empire romain. By Maria Grazia Bajoni
Reviewed by Teresa Morgan

Warhaftige Historia: Zwei Reisen nach Brasilien [True Story: Two Journeys to Brazil] (1548–1555). História de duas viagens ao Brasil. By Hans Staden
Reviewed by Gerda Hassler

Latviešu Valodas Petnieki: No Klaušu Laikiem lidz Savai Valstij. (Darbu Izlase.) [“The Researchers of the Latvian Language: From the times of Corvée to the establishment of an independent state. (Collection of works)”.] By Sarma Klavina

Reviewed by Giedrius Subacius

The Subjunctive in the Age of Prescriptivism: English and German developments during the eighteenth century. By Anita Auer
Reviewed by Simon Pickl

Regards croisés sur les mots non simples. Edited by Barbara Kaltz
Reviewed by Nicola McLelland

In Babel’s Shadow: Language, philology and the nation in 19th-century Germany. By Tuska Benes
Reviewed by Maike Oergel

On the Biological Nature of Natural Language and Other Essays. By Simeon Romportl
Reviewed by E.F.K. Koerner

The Benjamin Lee Whorf Legacy: A research database (CD-Rom). By Peter C. Rollins
Reviewed by Penny Lee

Boxhornius laudatus propter sententiam alienam atque refutandam: Rhellicanus and Boxhornius on the differences between the lingua Gallica and lingua Germanica
Toon Van Hal

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