Cátedra de Estudos Irlandeses WB Yeats - Seminário 2018

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Laura P. Z. Izarra
Biblioteca Florestan Fernandes (exposição), Sala 102 do Prédio de Letras FFLCH USP (palestras da manhã) e Instituto de Relações Internacionais - IRI USP (palestras da tarde)
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Local: Prédio de Letras
9:30     Opening of the exhibition Judging Shaw 
            Consul General of Ireland, Mr. Barry Tumelty & curator Fintan O’Toole
            Biblioteca Florestan Fernandes, Prédio de Letras

10:00    Fintan O’Toole (Princeton University/ Irish Times), Judging Shaw.
             Interview with Dr. Rosalie R. Haddad (ABEI)

11:15  Round Table: Brian Friel Translations
           Maureen Murphy (Hofstra University, NY). 
          “Landscape and the Language of Fact”
           M. Yolanda Fernández Suárez (AEDEI)
         “The Challenges of Translating Friel`s Translations into Spanish”

12:30  Lunch

Local: Instituto de Relações Internacionais - IRI
14:30  Fintan O’Toole (Princeton University/ Irish Times)
Fintan O’Toole is op-ed columnist and literary editor of The Irish Times. Born in Dublin in 1958, he has been Leonard L Milberg lecturer in Irish Letters at Princeton, drama critic of the Sunday Tribune, The New York Daily News and The Irish Times, a regular contributor to The New York Review of Books, and Literary Advisor to the Abbey Theatre. He also edited Magill magazine. His most recent books are A History of Ireland in 100 Objects; Up the Republic!; Enough is Enough; Ship of Fools; Judging Shaw.
Mª Yolanda Fernández Suárez is an independent scholar and a member of AEDEI (Spanish Association for Irish Studies). She teaches EFL at the Official Language School in León. She holds a BA in Classical Languages from the University of Salamanca and in English from the University of León. In 2006, under the supervision of Professor Inés Praga Terente, she promoted with honours with a PhD dissertation on the history of Irish hedge schools at the University of Burgos. She has published papers on her research interests: education, hedge schools and Brian Friel’s plays in Spain. More recently she has translated and edited Traducciones de Brian Friel (Madrid: ADE, 2016) for which she was awarded the 2016 “María Martínez Sierra” Prize of Theatre Translation.

Maureen Murphy is Professor of Curriculum and Teaching, Director of the Secondary English programs and Co-Director of the undergraduate Irish Studies minor in HCLAS. She has served as Interim Dean of the School of Education and Health and Human Services (2005-2008), the University's Dean of Students for more than a decade and acting Chair of the Department of Curriculum and Teaching. Murphy was the Director of the Great Irish Famine Curriculum Project for the New York State Department of Education. A past president of the American Conference for Irish Studies and a past chair of the International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures, Murphy has lectured and published widely in Irish literature, folklore, history and American Irish literature and culture. Murphy has written more than 100 articles and book chapters and delivered more than 300 lectures in eighteen countries.